On my grandmother's 70th birthday...

...in July of 1984 my cousin Anna and I played the clarinet and Catrin sang; the birthday dinner was held at Fylleskog ouside Rydaholm. The photo looks like the idyllic childhood (existent only in the world of memories) but there is more to this evening. After dinner, when we were having coffe, I was larking and tried to show how a noble lady holds her cup, i.e. with the little finger pointing out. But unfortunately I dropped the cup and destroyed the seat of an antique chair. My grandmother was very angry with me and I felt so bad.

Usually my grandmother was a very nice woman but when she was under a lot of pressure, things were different. Despite her being very sociable and servile I don't think that she ever liked being a hostess. As she grew older, those responsibilities where taken away from her, which I think helped her becoming a softer and more relaxed person.


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