In 12 days...

...there will be an election to parliament in Sweden. Photo shows the two Prime Minister candidates. I watch all the political debates in television and find them exciting. But, as usual, I reflect on matters.

When it comes to what politics is today, some people just seem to think: "That's the way things are". But I don't agree: things aren't, they have become and they have become for reasons that we should find out.

How come all the established political parties are nowadays, at least on the surface, somewhere in the ideological middle (even though the Swedish Conservative party is far more to the left than the American Democrats)? How did it happen?

How come the focus in mass media is on the people who represent the parties, more than on the ideas that they are made up from? How did it happen?

How come the focus so easy change from political matters to more trivial things? Some days ago the representative of the former Communist party was interviewed in TV. He was defending the view that parents should share the parental leave during the child's first year, and he mentioned the possibility for women to use a breastpump. Guess what was most remembered from that interview. Guess what was most commented afterwards. His views about the taxes? His views about the war in Afghanistan? No, the breastpump of course.

So what is the damn attraction in trivial things?? And how come intelligent people accept that trivial things are treated as important and interesting?? 

Postat av: Anita R

Jag håller SÅ med dig, det är Ooops english! I SO agree with you and I want more visions . Looked at this man: and he gave me hope . Why can´t the parties give me hope instead of smearing each other.

2010-09-10 @ 19:16:44
URL: http://anita-bilder.blö

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