The distinctive, studious Karin

Karin, whom I should say was the most distinctive of the Lindman sisters, went through the higher private seminary for female teachers in Lund. There she studied pedagogy (in which she had the famous philosopher Hans Larsson as a teacher), English and the history of literature. In 1915 she got her first teaching position at Anderslöv's higher folk school, located nearby Trelleborg in Skåne.

Postat av: Björn Teke

Jag tycker att du gör mycket intressanta kommentarer Hans. Jag kände ju mycket väl både Karin och Anna. Trots det så kommer du med nyheter

hela tiden

2011-02-15 @ 18:14:22
Postat av: Dick

Most interesting Hans and your adjectives seem very fitting;;studious,dutiful,sporty ++.Am trying to think of a couple for my mother Kerstin. Star-crossed comes to mind,kind perhaps and well-meaning. Should know by now;your research has revealed much.

2011-02-16 @ 20:20:27

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