In an interesting way... history turns things upside down. Let me explain how. In our everyday lives we are very concerned about not making things wrong. If we make a mistake at work it's embarrasing. If we make mistakes in the relationship to our family it's even worse. To be told that you had been a bad parent would be awful, awful. 

But, try for a socond to forget the now and see things in a family historical perspective. Who would be the most fun person to have as a great grandfather: an always nice and calm man or someone who could be violent? Who would be the most interesting great grandmother: someone who was always easy and diplomatic, or someone who was sometimes difficult and complicated?

Who would be the most exciting person to have as a relative: someone who lived a quite ordinary life, did everything right in his/her profession, had a well-functioning marriage, played golf and died peacefully at 80? OR someone who was happy in periods, depressed in periods, drank to much, lost his/her job, died at 50 - and maybe left some beautiful, revealing poems in his/her top drawer? I think that is a good perspective to have in mind.


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