Saturday July 30...

Photo: Rainer Ulonska

...we had the third reunion within our family, at Skeda gård, Rydaholm, Sweden. We were 39 people (including spouses) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The most touching moment was the meeting between Dick and his new found niece Marita.

In the cottage, where I had made an exhibition, we talked about the family. The themes were Kerstin Lindman, the foremother of Dick, Marita and her niece Eva-Karin, and Ellen Lindman, my great grandmother's favourite sister. (On the website, under "What's new" and "Photos and films", you can now see all the pictures, most of them taken by our master photographer Rainer Ulonska, who is also making a documentary about the reunion and Dickie's visit to Sweden.) We also talked about the future, about what will happen to the website and the family society; I suggested the following:

  • We will continue to have a society, but it won't have a membership fee; instead each member is expected to give a volontary contribution once in a while. As long as members contribute, we will afford to keep having the website.
  • You become a member when you participate in a family reunion. If you did not have the chance to participate in this reunion, but still want to be a member, you just have to tell me and it won't be a problem.
  • The blog will continue to be updated but only on special occasions (for example when a new reunion is being planned on).
  • The next family reunion will, hopefully, take place in either Canada or US, for us to really have the chance to meet our relatives overseas.


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