Lydia and her siblings, 1880

Theodor, Sigfrid, Nathanael, Lydia, Maria, Ellen and Bernhard Andrén.

  • Carl Theodor, born in 1864, became a postman.
  • Sigfrid Christian, born in 1865, became an accountant, married Alma Elisabeth Carlmark.
  • Fritz Nathanael, born in 1862, moved to Chicago, became an insurance agent, married Olga Wikström, died in 1931.
  • Lydia Wilhelmina, born in 1860, became a church singer, married Salomon Lindman, died in 1936.
  • Maria Elisabeth, born in 1867, married vicar Hjalmar Ek, died in 1933.
  • Ellen Mathilda, born in 1857, married vicar Carl Bergh, died in 1955.
  • Bernhard Emanuel, born in 1869, became a lieutenant-colonel, died in 1945.


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