Reg and Kitty

In 1920 Kerstin married the distinguished English businessman Reginald H. Sherard Ring. He was a collegue of Greta's husband; therefore it is possible that they met in Chicago while Kerstin, initially staying with Greta, did her training as a nurse.

Just like her sisters Anna (sometimes called Annika), Ellen (sometimes called Ella), Margareta (allways called Greta), Karin (sometimes called Kajsa), Kerstin also had a nickname: Kitta. This, of course, became Kitty in English.

Reg and Kitty lived the first years of their marriage in New York (at 7 East 32nd Street to be exact), where they had their children Louise in 1921, Sylvia in 1925 and Ted in 1926. The photo features the family (Louise in front of Ted and Sylvia), probably in 1930 when Dick was to be born in December. By this time they had already moved to Toronto, Canada, where they lived as a family, until 1935 when the financial depression changed their lives. To be continued.

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