Karin, the teacher and the loner

From 1935 to her retirement in 1958, Karin worked as a teacher at the Junior Secondary School in Ljungby (the photo features her with my aunt Birgitta in 1952). In his essay about Karin, Gösta Wennberg tells us both about the dark and the bright aspects of her.

She had severe black moments which I think was caused by depression. [...] She had no ability to analyze herself and therefore she projected her discomfort on those around her. [...] She had other personal traits that were not so pleasant. She was snobbish. She would be arrogant to store clerks. [...]

He emphazises, however, that this is just one view of her.

To us three siblings, the intercourse with Karin was all frictionless when we were kids; to me it was frictionless all her life. She was like an older sister of mine, a natural part of my life; fun, intense and often exiting. In all my adolescence she gave me books that meant a lot to my development.

Just like her mother Lydia, Karin was a character, a person that you can chose either to like or to dislike. And characters are just what gives the family history its charm and colour. Diplomates might be more successful in the now but in a family historical perspective, they tend to disappear in the past.


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