The backstage meeting

Geddy Lee, me, my friend Niklas, his friend Jonas and brother Peter, Alex Lifeson. We were very well taken care of and are very grateful. And (as I understand it) we were the only four people in the Globe who got our records autographed. 

Niklas, who has listened to Rush since he was eight, tried to explain to me how grand this was for him. "Imagine that you would get the chance to meet Astrid Lindgren, Ingmar Bergman and Tage Danielsson at the same time, at the same night." (And I guess the fact that they are dead just makes the analogy even more powerful.) Thanks Rush.

Postat av: Dick

Hans,is heavy metal your kind of music or perhaps jazz or a mournful Mahler melody (think Death in Venice and that haunting adagietto from M's 5th) or western/ eclectic taste,some or non of above..Niklas and friends look most happy about the meeting..Getting two out of three a success;Neal Peart perhaps napping?

2011-05-07 @ 19:14:02
Postat av: Hans

Yes I think he was. I mostly listen to classical music (when I cook) and old-style-ballads. Slow music, soft music. I must admit, though, that my appreciation of (some of) Rush's music has made me a little bit selective among the songs that I used to like.

2011-05-07 @ 21:23:35
Postat av: Mark Nielsen

Strange that I should come across this. I have been a Rush fan my entire life. To this day I am interested in all that is Rush. Aside from my love of the band however, is the fact that I am also of Swedish decent and grew up in Niagara Falls NY, very close to where the band began and have many fond memories of visiting Canada as a child and teenager. I too am a musician (bassist/vocalist) and partly, it is because of Geddy and his band. I just wanted to say how I've enjoyed your blog. Your family is very similar to mine in history, although I know very little about my own. I hope one day to visit Sweden. Thank you for posting the history and pictures of your family. Family history and geneology takes a great deal of investigation. It's obvious you have taken great time and care in putting this blog together. The pictures remind me very much of my family, so I just had to send a note to say God Bless you and hopefully you will share many more years of history with the world.


2012-03-05 @ 22:48:31

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