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On the website we now have a new section called Family Thoughts. This will be a forum for everyone who wants to write anything about the family, but not as long story; more like a short (or longer) note about something that he/she has at heart. You can write in either Swedish or English. Send it to me and I will publish it. 

 If you really want to write a  family story, do it for the section More Stories. If you just want to make a greeting or write a few lines, use the guestbook. One could say that this new section is a cross between the two of them.

The first contributer is Marita Tidlund Lindman, who writes about her impressions from the family reunion in July.

Postat av: Dick

I found it very touching to read Marita's contribution;perhaps the 3 weeks in Sweden helped my Swedish as your feelings about father Torsten,Marita, and other observations,were most clear to me.Coincidentally am just reading that book about Ljungby,which you,Sune,Eva_Karin and Lars so kindly gave me.Sven Ljungberg's very first painting was made just around the corner from where I lived with Karin;Smedjegatan 3. Recall the big xmas tree and the smaller ones for sale pa torget.. Lovely book,thank you all so much.

I would like to summarise a few impressions,will do so in next few weeks;Hans,perhaps I will try a Swedish/English version,which you might find time to transpose to all Swedish.Or not..Hmm,perhaps you owe me a page or two of fine tuning..(Glad to hear that by and large you are liking the Big(ger) City.)

Al' well here,colours great,weather less but that is autumn.

2011-10-23 @ 00:03:30

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